At this time, Brevard Nutrition does not participate in-network with any insurance companies. However, if your insurance company provides coverage/reimbursement for nutrition counseling by out-of-network dietitians, we can provide you with a receipt (including necessary codes) to submit to your insurance company as proof of service and payment. Your insurance company may then reimburse you directly for part or all of the services paid. Contact your insurance company for details on reimbursement.

At Brevard Nutrition, payment is expected at the time of each visit, unless a payment plan is agreed upon before service begins. We currently accept cash or check. Please note, we do not accept credit cards at this time.

  • Initial Nutrition Assessment & Consultation (approximately 75 minutes):  $100, this includes a summary letter sent to your physician, therapist, and/or other medical provider(s) of your choice, if desired. 
  • Discount Package for New Clients:  $195 (includes initial assessment/consultation & 3 follow-up appointments), must be paid in full at initial visit and all appointments must be used within 1 year of initial service (unused sessions are non-refundable) - a savings of $25!
  • Follow-up Nutrition Appointment (approximately 25 minutes):  $40
  • Discount Package for Returning Clients:  $105 for 3 follow-up appointments, must be paid in full at the start of each series of visits and all appointments must be used within 1 year of the time of purchase (unused sessions are non-refundable) - a savings of $15!

For information on our Emotional Eating 8-week Group Program, click here. Please note, this is NOT a diet or weight-loss program; we focus on a non-diet approach to healthy eating and gradual behavior change techniques for overall health and wellness.

Please review Florida's Law the Weight-Loss Consumer Bill of Rights, by clicking here.